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“Motivation comes in many forms, but the best motivation comes from within”

—Donald D. Hensrud. The Mayo Clinic Diet


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Price: $5 a Week.

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Overall Rank: 10 out of 10.

Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing health care or support to people who need or request this kind of protection. Its members as a professional team accomplish this health service or assistance through integrated clinical practices, education studies, and thorough research.

The Mayo Clinic Diet is part of a Healthy Living Program at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota whose Director is Dr. Donald Hensrud. He has authored several books, including “the Mayo Clinic Diet”. Its second edition in 2017 comprises more tips for healthy living as well as for cooking and eating out more recipes, and new insights from Mayo Clinic Specialists.

This program counts on a staff of experts in preventive health, nutrition, weight management, medicine, culinary arts, wellness coach, and psychology.

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The Mayo Clinic Diet overview

The Mayo Clinic Diet is based on a sustainable lifestyle change to make your weight loss possible and keep it off. It is not a simple weight loss program for a temporary period. You have, at your disposal, a tailor-made program, specially designed for meeting your needs and requirements in order to improve and strengthen your health.

The Mayo Clinic is a plant-based diet comprising two phases which assist in making you feel better in all possible ways both physically and emotionally.

  • The phase 1 called “Lose it” is directed towards losing weight quickly in two weeks’ time by changing certain habits. You are asked to 1) add five habits, 2) break five habits, and 3) adopt five bonus habits. Certainly, the aid is to motivate you to set appropriate habits to enhance your life quality. This phase suggests using The Mayo Clinic Diet Journal for tracking your habits or creating your own system to track your progress.
  • The phase 2 known as “Live it” intends to transform the changes you did into a long, lasting lifestyle. These experiences will help you go on losing weight and controlling it in the long run. The objective is to lose one or two pounds per week until you attain your goal weight. Here you can use The Mayo Clinic Diet Journal to log your daily and weekly goals. You can also follow your food groups, servings, and activities; or similar to the first phase, you may develop your own monitoring system.

Before beginning your diet, the Mayo Clinic’s experts want you to take a small quiz to let them know if you are ready for getting your weight loss program started. It is only an assessment about your life’s conditions to help you ascertain if you have good timing to make relevant changes in your daily routines.


To contribute to your great food selection, you count on The Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid as a guide for your healthy eating. Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid

At the pyramid’s center, you choose “a daily physical activity”. This choice shows you the importance of it not only on weight loss but also on enhancing your health. The pyramid appearance demonstrates to you, from the bottom upward, what are the groups of food that you have to eat in greater quantity. It begins with fruits and vegetables → whole-grain carbohydrates → lean proteins and dairy → healthy fats → sweets. At the pyramid’s top, you can see the group that you have to eat less.

To make sure you are consuming the correct quantities of each food Mayo Clinic Healthy Dining Tablegroup, you can utilize The Mayo Clinic Healthy Dining Table. It illustrates the main plate, a salad plate, a fruit bowl, a small bowl for healthy fats, a small plate for a sweet, such as dark chocolate; and a glass for fluids, such as water. As an illustrative manner of describing or expressing the information, you can include more vegetables in your meal. You can see or observe a separated plate of green salad. You can view my post about fruits and vegetables.

You can effortlessly approximate the serving sizes utilizing the foods icons available in The Mayo Clinic Diet book. This diet does not require to count the number of calories or to use formulas to calculate the size of your serving.

The principle you need to keep in mind is what defines how much you eat is the weight or volume of food you ingest not its calories because this regulates your satiety. There are foods containing more volume and weight with low calories due to their content of fiber, air or water. These are foods low in energy density. On the other side, you find foods with small volume but very energy dense, like sugar.

The Mayo Clinic Diet has an iPhone App that will provide you with strong support towards achieving your weight loss goals and healthy eating objectives. With this App, you can be in touch with the expert’s assistance 24 hours a day wherever you are.

The “lose it” phase

During these two weeks, in the first phase, the aim is to modify your daily habits related to eating and physical activities. You will be asked to:

  • Add five habits: eat a healthy breakfast, including vegetables and fruits, consume whole-grain carbohydrates and healthy fats, and keep moving.
  • Break five habits: no watching television while eating; no sugar, excepting what’s found naturally in fruits; snack only with vegetables and fruits; moderate the intake of meat and use low-fat dairy; eat just one serving of meat daily, about the size of a deck of cards; no eating at restaurants unless the meal fits your program´s requirements.
  • Adopt five bonus habits: maintain food records; keep activity records; move more; eat real food. This means unprocessed food; write down your daily goals about not only weight loss but also important issues for your fulfilling life.

Once you have completed phase 1, you are invited to assess your weight loss progress, types of improvements you have attained, how you have felt during the “lose it” phase? Whether or not you have lost certain pounds, during the development of this phase, your objective is to focus on the healthy habits you are now cultivating. It is of great importance that you keep the habits you have already broken out of your daily routines. Surely you are, now and consistently, forging a new lifestyle.

The goal is to consider that you are constructing a new way of thinking related to eating and of keeping yourself moving, in body activities. It is a lifelong approach based on small and consistent changes to achieve big results.

Phase 2: Challenges

Phase 2 “Live it” is a transition. You are focusing on a lifestyle change. At this stage of your diet, you grasp tips for moving forward and creating your new way of living as second nature. You are encouraged to set up your kitchen with the appropriate cookware and utensils to assure you can cook healthily and make or produce delicious quality food. Your training also includes other important aspects: how to prepare healthy food and plan your meals.

In this phase, you will learn new skills to help you develop your lifestyle changes of long-lasting results, tailor-made for you, related to physical training, and healthy eating. You will be able to set realistic goals and determine your daily serving targets for different food groups to accord to the Healthy Weight Pyramid, and at the same time, you will improve your health and feel much better.

Understanding how you better track your weight loss progress

The Mayo Clinic Diet teaches you some ways of tracking your weight loss progress, through registration of your eating and activity routines. This tracking allows you to successfully reach your healthy goals without any doubt. This information can give you adequate feedback on your diet and physical activity endeavors and could also become a valuable source of motivation. You will receive quite a lot of information on servings, calories, and possible influences about how much you eat.

It is an adaptable one

The Mayo Clinic Diet can be customized to your needs if you are under specific medical conditions or certain religious/ethical beliefs restricting your food choices.

In the case of vegetarian and vegan diets, meat and other animal products like eggs, dairy, or honey can be substituted by beans which are a great source of proteins. The point to remember is that you need to eat a variety of food to gain enough calories and necessary nutrients appropriate for your health, plus a supplement of Vitamin B12 present only in animal products.

The Mediterranean diet, the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) could also be adapted. Other options as Paleo diet, the raw foods diet, and gluten-free diet are more difficult to adapt.

Physical activities

One fundamental base of The Mayo Clinical Diet is the physical training that you will choose to accord with your preferences. In case needed, you will be provided with appropriate health and medical assistance by the highly qualified Mayo Clinic Staff.

It is quite a lot important that whatever your goal of weight loss is, lacking a regular physical training program makes very difficult and almost impossible to reach that goal. Even though you do not attain any weight loss, by exercising physically, your health will considerably improve.

Developing useful behavioral strategies

Through the weight loss process by means of to The Mayo Clinic Diet, you will find wise ways of tackling changes related to your eating and physical activities. These everyday experiences will help you successfully face challenges that can put you out of track in your weight loss goal.

Committed to this diet, you can learn how to identify trigger situations that work as stumbling blocks to keep your healthy conditions. By approaching this diet with determination, you are provided with a thoughtful plan for possible solutions. This way, they will help you avoid harmful influences that threaten your commitment towards weight loss.

There are categories of triggers that tend to appear and produce emotional, physical, social, environmental, and internal stress. These potential stressful situations need to be addressed in advanced to facilitate reaching your successes.

Going to the kitchen at the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program

Walking into the kitchen highlights the main purpose: to show you how easy you can prepare delicious and practical healthy dishes by putting into action the relevant principles you have already grasped effortlessly and shortly.

You will learn how to make your grocery list for every week or month. You will also be highly trained in how taking advantages of simple ideas for preparing delightful meals that you can eat immediately and/or keep them available in your freezer ready to use.

Supporting you and your decisions

Once you have made up your mind about sticking to your weight loss program, you are supplied with a great number of useful tips applicable when going out to restaurants and selecting your healthy meal and enjoying your marvelous occasion.

In the Mayo Clinic Diet, you find many hints to help you overcome obstacles for your physical training, and ideas to deal with the temporary setbacks that eventually are going to happen during your weight management.

Who is the Mayo Clinic Diet for?

It is intended for women and men with a strong desire and commitment to lose weight and develop a new steady lifestyle. The aim of the diet is to help you lose up to 6 to 10 pounds (2.7 to 4.5 kilograms) in the initial phase. Phase 2 will support you in losing 1 to 2 pounds (0.5 to 1 kilogram) in a week´s time until you attain your desired weight. As a long, lasting lifestyle, you can preserve this weight during the rest of your life.

According to the experts, The Mayo Clinic Diet is based on helping you develop healthy habits by eating lots of vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, fish, nuts, and healthy fats. By using this diet in a well-disciplined way, your new lifestyle will become more positive, practical, sustainable and enjoyable. Thus, you can reduce the risk of suffering many health problems related to weight excesses such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, sleep apnea, and other difficulties.

What are the risks?

The Mayo Clinic Diet is safe for most adults because this diet is based basically on eating abundant vegetables and fruits that provide you with essential nutrients and fiber.

Side effects

  • There are no side effects for people who are accustomed to eating fruits and vegetables.
  • If you do not have the habit of eating fiber, you can undergo transitory digestive changes as for example, intestinal gases.
  • Eating a lot of fruits may temporarily raise your blood sugar and blood fats. This effect is diminished as you lose weight.
  • If you have diabetes or are under other medical conditions, you had better talk and work with your physician before undertaking the diet.

The Mayo Clinic Diet for companies

The Mayo Clinic Diet can be applied in workplace wellness programs. This digital program is based on the book “The Mayo Clinic Diet”. The program features expanded mobile and desktop experiences, tools, trackers, meal and fitness plans, recipes, serving guides. Therefore, these resources help the organization’s members reach their aims at losing your weight and also fortifying your appreciated health. Its contact email address is:

How much does the program cost for companies?

The cost depends on the number of subscribers and the time length you are committed to.

Subscriptions Discount Cost/Qtr. Cost/Yr.

(Add’l 5% Discount)

100-500 20% $41.60 $158.08
500-1,000 23% $40.04 $152.15
1,000-2,000 27% $37.96 $144.25
2,000+ 30% $36.40 $138.32

Supporting employees

All company’s subscribers have access to customer services representatives who have been highly trained to answer your questions. They are eagerly willing to submit the required information and data on how to achieve your health successes with this well-recognized diet.

Boost Your Weight Loss with Fitness and Exercise Plans! Try now!

How can you contact Mayo Clinic?

You can set an appointment by phone.

– Mayo Clinic in Arizona

800-446-2279 (toll-free)

8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

– Mayo Clinic in Florida


8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday.

– Mayo Clinic in Minnesota


7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central time, Monday through Friday.

Pros’ The Mayo Clinic Diet

  • It is a plant-based diet recommended for most people.
  • It takes care of your eating needs and aspects related to your emotional and environmental needs, physical training, cooking, tracking your progress, providing personalized professional support, and so forth.
  • It is focused on helping you develop a long, lasting lifestyle.
  • It is implemented and developed by specialized professionals making emphasis mainly on your health, nutrition, culinary arts, and well-being.

Cons’ The Mayo Clinic Diet

  • The Mayo Clinic Diet recommends highly processed vegetable oils with an elevated content in omega-6 fats.

For Individual use

All people can do The Mayo Clinic Diet on their own utilizing the book. It is possible to adhere to the Healthy Living Program at Mayo Clinic which gives you other benefits.

Tools for your weight loss goal

In this programme, you can benefit from eating well with meal plans, food journal, hundreds of delicious recipes, serving guides fitness plan, habit tracker, weight tracker, etc.

What do You Get?

The organizers of The Mayo Clinic Diet states that you can:

Eat Great and Lose Weight with Meal Plans and Recipes with:

  • Personalized meal plans.
  • 100% of easy and delicious recipes.
  • Simple portion-control guides.
  • Motivational lifestyle tips.

Track Your Progress with Interactive Tools:

  • Mayo Clinic Diet iPhone App.
  • Healthy Habit Tracker.
  • Food and Fitness Journal.
  • .Weight and Inch Tracker.

Boost Your Weight Loss with Fitness and Exercise Plans:

  • Personalized workouts.
  • Robust exercise index.
  • Walking and running guides.
  • Fitness tips for all levels.

Boost Your Weight Loss with Fitness and Exercise Plans! Try now!

How much does the program cost for you?

“Eat well, get moving, track healthy habits and stay motivated

All This for Just $5 a Week!

You will be charged $65 for the quarter”

In the Mayo Clinic Diet website you can find this information related to the cost:

The Mayo Clinic Diet’s online program is just $5 a week, billed in advance quarterly ($65 at the beginning of each 13 week subscription period)! You will be charged when you subscribe and at the beginning of each following quarter. The charge will be applied to the same account you provide at sign-up. Your standard membership will continue uninterrupted and will automatically renew each quarter for $65 or the then-current fee if the fee changes. You may also cancel the renewal of your standard membership at any time prior to the beginning of a new subscription period and you will continue to have access to your account for the remainder of your current term. Please see our Terms of Use if you have any questions or wish to cancel. The Mayo Clinic Diet subscription includes access to the online program as well as a daily newsletter with content and offers for a more successful weight loss journey. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

My personal opinion

I consider “The Mayo Clinic Diet” an excellent option for those wanting to lose weight and make lasting changes that allow them to avoid recovering those lost kilos.

Not only does the program focus on eating healthy food, but also it highlights issues related to cooking, food shopping, food preparation, cooking techniques, and even how to optimize the time you spend on preparing food.

Additionally, it addresses physical training, social, environmental and emotional problems that can cause the diet to be abandoned.

Of course, we must mention the specialized support for those who initiate the diet in order to stay in it and make it an appealing lifestyle. I definitely recommend the Mayo Clinic Diet.

Boost Your Weight Loss with Fitness and Exercise Plans! Try now!

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